It's December. Can we listen to Christmas music now?

I put up my Christmas tree a month ago.

"You put up your Christmas tree a month ago?"

Yes, I put up my Christmas tree a month ago.

Maybe it's the internet, or maybe it's just becoming more and more popular in our pessimistic society, but there seems to be a trend of people reprimanding others for "celebrating Christmas too soon." If you're a Christmas lover like me, I'm sure at some point someone somewhere has told you, "No Christmas music before Thanksgiving!" or "You have to give Thanksgiving the respect it deserves!" Or maybe you've been out shopping during the month of October and have heard someone exclaim, "Christmas decorations are out already?"

Here's the thing: if Christmas is just about presents, parties, and a jolly guy in a red suit, I can understand their stance. If Christmas is just the lights on the houses, the giant snowman inflatables in the front yard, and the extra cookies I have to eat, I may even agree with them. If Christmas is just the cold, the snow, and Target being extraordinarily busy all of the time, we should get rid of it altogether. But that's not what Christmas is.

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of our Savior. Why should we limit that to just the four weeks in December?

I am thankful to have a job where I can write, practice, and play Christmas music whenever I want and call it "working." I am thankful that I could set up Christmas decorations in August and call it "inspiration." But you don't need an excuse to celebrate Christmas. You should not feel bad for remembering one of the most special days in history. There is nothing wrong with rejoicing in the birth of Jesus at any point in the year.

So here we are in December, and I am officially giving you permission to listen to Christmas music. I'm also giving you permission to never stop listening to Christmas music. Never stop sharing the joy that Christmas and the birth of the Savior puts in your heart.

Today - and every day - I'm wishing you and your families a joyous, peaceful, Christmas music-filled Christmas season. Jesus is born!

 Let heaven and nature sing!

Merry Christmas!

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